James Arthur Ray says True Leaders Fall in Love

A key to becoming a true leader that James Arthur Ray is constantly sharing with others is having grit. With nearly 40 years of personal experience and research, James Arthur Ray has broken down becoming grittier into the “6 Ground Rules of Grit,” which are: Love (much more than just attraction, fantasy or infatuation.) Commitment […]

James Arthur Ray Explains How it Feels to Lead

When it comes to leadership, James Arthur Ray, one of the world’s foremost leadership and performance advisors, is here to let you know that it’s not about thinking, doing, or achieving. No, in fact, leadership—true leadership—is a feeling that Ultimate Performers possess. What is an Ultimate Performer you ask? James Arthur Ray defines an Ultimate […]

James Arthur Ray Explains Why to Hurry is to Worry

James Arthur Ray has been studying philosophy, neurosciences, quantum physics, psychology, biology, and spiritual traditions to business since he was a teenager, which has given him great perspective on what it takes to be a leader and ultimate performer. In an effort to offer top-notch life and business advice, James Arthur Ray uses this blog […]